celery juice for chronic illnesses

About Anthony William and the Celery Juice For Chronic Illnesses

This celery juice for chronic illnesses can help those with chronic illnesses. This is according to the compassionate spirit that chose Anthony William. Anthony William is the compassionate spirit’s spokesperson on earth.  After having read the Medical Medium, a book detailing Anthony William’s experience with the compassionate spirit from the time he was four years old, I can say his story rings true.

As a young teen, Anthony William drew a lot of attention from the authorities around him for his seeming ability to diagnose illnesses and symptoms of illnesses. He attracted quite a large following numbering in the millions.  Doctors consulted him and interviewed him, all the while wondering how he did it without any formal training in medicine.

celery juice for chronic illnesses

Celery Juice and the Spirit of Compassion

Since that time, he has maintained quite a following. He maintains that everything the spirit compassionate told him is real. The spirit has been his constant companion and is using Anthony William to help people with serious chronic illnesses that modern medicine appear stumped by.

From here on, I will refer to the compassionate spirit as the source of the information written in this article.  The information will help those who try the solutions it gives through Anthony Williams.

What the Spirit of Compassion Says About Chronic Illnesses

Let’s start with the fact that every human, perhaps every mammal on earth, carries viral pathogens and bacteria  inside us that get triggered or that begin to express themselves depending on the types of foods we consume over time or the types of physical body shocks we experience at certain times in our lives.

Most times, people are not responsible for contracting the illnesses they get.  This information often contradicts modern medicine and nutritional science.  The information spirit compassionate gives is perhaps far more advanced than our current medical knowledge.

What Foods To Avoid

So what foods can trigger chronic illnesses?

There are two types of foods we should generally avoid:

  • Eggs
  • All Dairy Products
  • All Gluten

Of course, not all people have pathogens and bacteria that get triggered when we consume those three types of foods. However, many do. Unfortunately, almost all our delicious foods come from freshly baked goods with gluten, butter, eggs, and ghee.

Who wants to give up fried eggs, toast or muffins for breakfast? Practically no one.  You mean, we have to give up waffles, pancakes, and eggs? Yes, if it’s possible. At least limit the amount you eat.

Moderation in What You Put Into Your Body

Moderation in all things is always a wise course.  In the early days of pathogen research labs, researchers often used eggs as a friendly medium to grow dangerous pathogens so they could test various drugs on them in an effort to kill them.

Pathogens grow in eggs very well. If you consume them regularly, you are giving the pathogens in your body the opportunity to grow and express themselves.

No Eggs, No Milk, No Gluten?

Does that mean eggs cause all sorts of chronic diseases?  No.  Eggs are fine by themselves.  They are simply a  feeding ground for all kinds of dangerous pathogens – viruses etc. Go easy on consuming eggs.

Avoiding milk and all milk products is also a great idea, if you can.  No one want to give up ice-cream, or sour cream, or cheesy pizzas.  Dairy products stimulate our mucous membranes and also serve as a happy place for dangerous pathogens that already reside in our bodies to begin expressing themselves.

Eggs and dairy can trigger the expression of those pathogens.  No one wants that.

We all would be wise to limit our intake of gluten. Gluten-free foods are good for us.   Gluten can cause inflammation and stimulate our mucous membranes.

Celery Juice Detox Symptoms

Celery juice for chronic illnesses is a type of body detox.  As such, you may experience detox symptoms such as light-headedness, occasional intestinal cramps, or other symptoms.  Don’t worry. They will pass and you’ll feel better – much better over a month or two.

Be Aware, This is Really Hard To Stick With

By being aware of the connections between these foods and chronic illnesses that just don’t seem to go away, you do your body a favor.  It’s not easy to give those foods up, but if you’re struggling with chronic illness like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, depression, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis. asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

If you’re suffering from any of these types of chronic illnesses, then try eliminating eggs. milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, french toast, pancakes, and all baked goods (unless they are gluten-free), including all pizza.  Baked foods with gluten often cause inflammation in our bodies).

At least, cut way back on your consumption of these delicious foods  for awhile and see if you don’t start feeling better.  If you find it really hard to do, then join the crowd.  We all find it hard to cut back on those types of comfort foods. Remember, though, No one said anything about it being easy to follow the regime.

How Celery Juice For Chronic Illnesses Works to Improve Your Health

It’s important then to clean and kill the most dangerous pathogens in our bodies – the ones that are activate and that cause terrible symptoms. The spirit of Compassion advises chronically ill people to drink this every morning before consuming any other food – a miracle cleanser that kills those pathogens and restores our health.

It’s simply 16 ounces of raw pure celery juice on an empty stomach every morning until you feel better.  The first thing you would have in the morning after you get out of bed is freshly juiced celery juice for chronic illnesses without the pulp.  Organically-grown celery stalks with or without the leaves is best.

Use a Juicer To Make the Celery Juice For Chronic Illnesses

With a juicer, it shouldn’t take longer than 15-20 minutes to prepare the celery juice for chronic illnesses.  Take each stalk off the larger stalk and wash it before you put it in the juicer.  I use an Omega juicer.  Almost any type of juicer will do.  One large stalk of celery from a Walmart or other local store shouldn’t cost more than $3.50.

If it does cost more, then you might consider buying one and cutting the bottom part of the large stalk off and sprouting it until the roots on it get large enough. Then plant it and grow your own.  It’s a lot less expensive growing your own. If you need one every day, then plant enough to take care of your needs. Celery is fairly easy to grow.

How Much Celery?

One large stalk should be good for about 16 ounces of celery juice for chronic illnesses.  Throw the pulp from the juicer out or put it in a compost of some kind. You shouldn’t eat the pulp.   Some doctors and others often say that throwing the pulp out robs us of the benefit of the fiber in celery.  Remember, we aren’t juicing for fiber.  We need the juice, not the fiber in the celery. The juice is the celery juice for chronic illnesses that we want.

Taste of Celery Juice

What does celery juice for chronic illnesses taste like? Well, The taste is bitter. but not too bitter.  Never add anything else to the celery juice. Don’t add water, don’t add carrots, or beets, or cinnamon or lemon. Never add anything to it.  You must drink only the pure celery juice.  Try to get all 16 ounces down. If you cannot, then try eight ounces at least.  Always drink it on an empty stomach and never eat anything for at least an hour.

The celery juice for chronic illnesses will clean your intestines and kill the dangerous pathogens causing your chronic illness.  This celery juice protocol works if you do it exactly as described. If you deviate from the protocol, it won’t work as well.  You’ll still get some benefit, but not the promise of ridding your body of the pathogens causing your chronic illness. Celery juice might be able to help you if prepared as described and if used as prescribed.  It’s worth trying.

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