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Nano-Silver Particles In Water


I wrote this article about nano-silver particles 12 years ago to report on a new product then called the New Silver Solution. Today the product from American Biotech Labs located in Alpine, Utah is called by different names: Silver Biotics, SilverSol Technology, Nano-Silver Particles, etc.

Since then, more and more clinical studies have been conducted on its efficacy against various kinds of pathogens in the human body.  Patents for it followed. Approvals followed. The product has been licensed to hundreds of distributors by American Biotech Labs.  Its original product, the New Silver Solution has morphed into Silver Biotics as an effective immune-system enhancer.  Dentists use it for mouth-washes. Wound-care specialists have included silver gauzes, bandages, and wraps into their arsenal. Burn specialists use Silver Gel to mitigate burns of all kinds and to prevent scarring. I’ve been using the 10 parts per million (PPM) product along with my family since 1999.

Why Nano-Silver Particles Work

In short, it works as it claims to.  It strengthen the immune system when ingested.  It’s an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial product that works to prevent infections.  It works synergistically with antibiotics and probiotics in the gut.  Nano-Silver is not colloidal silver. They are two very different animals and have very different effects in the body.

We’ve learned that one should avoid salty foods after ingesting nano-silver or silver biotics etc. For whatever reason, salt neutralizes the good effects of nano-silver particles.  It’s best taken on an empty stomach.  It’s safe to take.  There have been no adverse effects on anyone who has taken it periodically or regularly.  My family’s experience with it over the past 20 years speaks volumes to me about its efficacy. Kids don’t catch flues and colds from other kids at school. No missed days.  Wounds from falling off bicycles, scaping arms and legs are healed quickly and without scars.  Yeah, it works.

My wife is a nurse and doesn’t take Nano-silver except when I insist. She has underlying conditions.  She picked up Covid-19 from work and felt terrible. She tested positive and quarantined for 14 days, as required.  I take silver every day.  We slept in the same bed and I cared for her during her whole quarantine.  She was given a Z-Pack to treat it. I gave her nano-silver three-times a day for five days.  By the sixth day, her symptoms were gone completely, and she tested negative for it.

I have tested negative for it several times despite being with her constantly during her illness.  I upped the amount of nano-silver that I took. That’s all I did.  I bought her a bottle of zinc and vitamin D3.  I took some, too.  To this day, I never caught it, despite not wearing a mask at home. No one in our household has caught it yet.

Perhaps that might change.  I’m in the perfect age bracket to catch it and suffer badly from it. I didn’t.  Was it the nano-silver? I don’t know for sure. Since my wife recovered, I’ve cut back on the amount I use per day from three times a day to once a day in the morning.  I’m not superman and I’m not in the best of health and terribly out of shape.   I still test negative.

So I’ve given you my own anecdote about covid-19.   I’m not a medical doctor. I have no special training that qualifies me to speak authoritatively about any medical condition or pharmaceutical.  I have put a lot of study into how this new silver solution-or nano-silver particle works in the human body.

I’ve been a fan of the product since 1999 when I first learned about it and the differences between it and colloidal and ionic silver particles. I can tell you there’s a huge difference.  Please read my article below to learn about how this silver product works in the human body.  We know colloidal silver is not built to fight off covid-19.  Those who work around covid-19 patients in the hospitals or elsewhere might try Silver Biotics to strengthen their immune system enough to resist it.  Just sayin.

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Nano-Silver’s Attack Strategy

The only patented nano-silver water solution is manufactured by American Biotech Labs in Utah and is licensed for distribution by Nutronix International and its army of distributors and now many others have the distribution rights. The product itself now has hundreds of independent research lab reports and clinical study results that span the globe.

Each study conducted has backed up the anecdotal claims of thousands of people who have been using this particular silver product for several years. It has been tested, verified and now established as an outstanding ‘first’ line of defense for families as an immune-system enhancer and as a way to treat many types of common medical emergencies such as strep-throat, infections, scrapes, influenzas, colds, stings, mosquito bites and even malaria.

It is also a product that I will keep in great supply with me if I am hospital-ridden to prevent infections, MRSA, SARS and other types of super-bugs that have evolved over the years.

This article will explore how the patented form of the New Silver Solution actually works in the human body to defeat so many different kinds of pathogens.

It is only recently that researchers have begun to understand exactly how the silver sol particles created by the patented manufacturing methods developed by ABL interact with the human body to allow it to achieve the outstanding results that have been reported in recent controlled clinical studies.

Nano-Silver sol particles are small enough to be absorbed into a single red blood cell. The Pure nano-silver particles are supercharged and uniquely surrounded by an ionic (charge-carrying) chemical shell called silver oxide that is missing two electrons. The missing two electrons are the key to its effectiveness.

This silver ionic shell of each silver nano-sized particle tries to become complete by getting back the two missing electrons. As a result, each particle attaches to the thin cell walls of every type of pathogen (pathogenic cell walls are always very thin) it has been tested against to date in order to restore its two missing electrons.

The pathogens’ thin cell walls are what allows the silver oxide particle to easily suck or attract one or two electrons from the pathogen. Removing electrons from a pathogen leaves a hole in the pathogen’s cell membrane and destroys the structure of the pathogen thus rendering it harmless.

Normal cells have thicker, more protected cell membranes that have a balanced charge, allowing a kind of selective protection from the silver particle’s oxide coating that is such an effective but selective killer of harmful bacteria on contact. That’s why the silver particles do not harm the good bacteria in the gut – only the bad bacteria – in its search and absorb tactic.

There is another way that this particular new nano-silver water solution destroys pathogens in addition to the physical intrusion into the pathogens’ cell structure. It is well-known that all matter in the universe resonates at various frequencies. Silver has been measured and found to resonate at 890 to 910 terahertz.

This happens to be the same frequency at which germicidal ultraviolet light resonates. Picture nano-silver particles small enough to be absorbed into red blood cells and resonating at the perfect frequency to destroy bacteria, viruses and yeast. These tiny nano-silver particles disinfect from the inside out as they circulate through every capillary in the body.

Virtually every cell in the human body has a sugar-like coating to communicate with one another. The coating lets a cell tell the difference between friendly cells and pathogenic cells. Silver nano-silver particles have a ‘friendly’ sugar coating that allows it to communicate in a positive way with all cells. When a pathogenic cell arrives, the silver nano-silver particle is welcomed into it. Once inside, the nano-silver attacks the abnormal cell before the cell has a chance to replicate.

Finally, researchers have discovered another silver-particle attack mechanism – A virus is made up of a capsid containing partial segments of DNA and RNA. The DNA segments carry a small magnetic charge.

There is a kind of claw that viruses have that lets the virus hang on to healthy cells. Once attached to a healthy cell, it injects its partial DNA segment into the healthy cell damaging the normal DNA and causing the cell to reproduce in random spurts – often very rapidly and abnormally.

This is what causes influenzas, hepatitis, and cervical cancers. The new supercharged silver-nano particle works however like a magnet that attracts the charged DNA partial segments of the virus before the viruses get a chance to attach to the healthy cells with their claws and inject the abnormal DNA into the healthy cell.

The DNA really seems to like the silver because it binds so tightly to the silver that it creates a random tangled ball of yarn – genetic material made from the partial DNA segments. It gets so tangled that it can never straighten out and thus can never replicate.

he result is the inactivation of the virus preventing its spread through the human body. Normal cells as mentioned earlier have thicker cell walls that are better protected and that have a balanced charge protecting them from silver’s magnetic attraction properties.

Researchers in labs across the world are busy studying the mechanisms described above.We can all be grateful however that the attack mechanisms of this newly created supercharged silver nano-particle solution work so well against the pathogens that have become so dangerous to humans. These pathogens have been forced to evolve and adapt to survive the many cocktails of antibiotics developed by well-meaning researchers and product-developers.

There is no natural adaptive or defense mechanism bacteria and viruses can use to adjust to the attack mechanisms of the supercharged nano-particles of the new silver solution. It is of course too early to tell if this silver product will replace all of the traditional medications and antibiotics prescribed by doctors around the world. More clinical studies need to be conducted.

What is known however, is that when the new silver solution is taken with traditional courses of antibiotics, it creates a synergistic effect – in essence making the antibiotics more powerful and effective than when they are taken in isolation without the addition of silver solution.

This means then that we can take this product with our current regime of medications (with the approval of your doctor of course) and perhaps benefit more from our medications.

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